This preference page configures various aspects of behaviour of the Merge application.

When Merge starts, open an empty:

These controls enable you to specify what type of window Merge opens when it starts. Choose the desired type from the four options.

Open new comparisons in a tab

Check this option if you prefer new comparisons to open within a tabbed window rather than in a separate window. You can subsequently move a tab into its own window by right-clicking on the tab and selecting the Move Tab to a New Window command.

Check online for product updates

Uncheck this option if you prefer Merge not to check for new versions of itself on the Araxis website each time you start Merge.

Watch Downloads folder for Ketura comparison files

Araxis Ketura is an advanced project, team and issue management system. Ketura versions 2008.1490 and later integrate with certain software configuration management (SCM) systems, such as Perforce and Subversion. Ketura automatically associates changes in the SCM systems with Ketura issues (defect reports, enhancement requests, etc) and milestones. Checking the Watch Downloads folder for Ketura comparison files option makes it quick and easy to view the changes associated with a particular Ketura issue or milestone using the advanced comparison capabilities of Merge.

Here is an explanation of how this option works. When viewing a list of such changes within Ketura using your web browser, you can click on an Araxis Merge link next to an individual changed file or set of changes. This downloads a small file to your computer, telling Merge which files to fetch and compare from the SCM system. If Merge is running, and this option is checked, Merge will automatically read this file (before sending it to the Trash) and open the appropriate comparison or comparisons. If necessary, Merge will also prompt you for your SCM log on details so that it can fetch the appropriate files from the SCM system.

Depending on which web browser you use, there may be other mechanisms that you may prefer to use to launch Merge from Ketura. The Araxis Ketura documentation discusses these.

For full information about creating a comprehensive project and change management system using Araxis Merge, Araxis Ketura and your preferred SCM system, please refer to the Araxis Ketura page on the Araxis website.