Use the controls in this page to customize how Araxis Merge integrates with Time Machine, Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce.

Include versions from Time Machine

Check this option to include the Compare with Version sub-menu in Finder context menus, and to include Time Machine backup versions of compared files and folders in the drop-down version lists in Merge. Please note that Araxis Merge is currently unable to access versions of files and folders stored within Time Machine backups located on network shares. We hope to support this in the future.

Prompt for username and password if required when connecting to Time Machine network volumes

Check this option to make Merge prompt for a username and password, if required, when mounting a Time Machine volume located on a network share. When this option is unchecked, Merge will not mount volumes that require a username and password.

Include only file versions that have a unique modification date and time

Check this option to reduce the number of versions shown in the version lists. Only those versions with a unique modification date and time are shown. If unchecked, version lists will include all available file versions.

Include versions from SCM systems

Check this option to make Merge include file versions obtained from Git, Mercurial, Subversion, and Perforce in the list of available versions of a file. Username and password information for Perforce and Subversion servers can be configured in the Credentials page.