Because everyone uses Merge in a slightly different way, many options are provided to enable you to configure Merge to operate in the way you require.

To open the Preferences window, choose the Araxis MergePreferences… menu item, or press Cmd+,.

Buttons along the top of the window break the available preferences into groups. Click a button to display the corresponding preferences.

Below the buttons, a strip of tabs provides access to various preference pages related to the currently selected button’s preference group. The ? button at the bottom-left of the window will display comprehensive online help for the displayed preference page.

Saving preferences

Merge preferences can be saved and loaded using the Save… and Load… buttons at the bottom-left of the Preferences window, or with the FileSave AsSave Preferences As… and FileOpenOpen Saved Preferences… menu items.

Merge preferences can be saved in two different formats:

File extension Description
*.merge-options-json Stores all Merge preferences. This is the recommended format.
*.mergeoptions Legacy format for use with Merge 2019.5137 and earlier. This format does not include dark-theme colours.

Information Merge uses the *.merge-options-json extension by default. To save preferences using the legacy format, manually change the file extension to *.mergeoptions before saving.