The controls on this page are used to control how the folder comparison window opens file comparisons.

Automatically close if files were identical

Check this option to automatically close newly opened comparison windows if there are no differences between the compared files. This option can be useful if you have deselected the File content (using file comparison rules) option in the Method options page.

Open a maximum of # comparisons at a time

Limits the number of views that the folder comparison facility will open at any one time.

Once you’ve examined and closed some of the opened comparison windows that were opened, you can click the Launch comparisons button again and some more file comparison windows (up to the limit) will be opened.

Double-clicking on a folder row expands/collapses the row

Check this option to make folder rows expand/collapse when double clicked.

… opens a new folder comparison window for that row

Check this option if you would like Merge to open a new folder comparison window showing just the files and folders contained within the double clicked folder.